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  Address: Xichang Industrial Park, Hai'an County, Jiangsu Province, China
  Contact: Manager Liu
  Sales hotline: (0086)15962740333

    Jiangsu Heng Ding heavy-duty machine Tool Co., Ltd. is located in the plain to the north of the estuary of YangZi River. It is a professional machinery production-oriented enterprise of metal board processing machines, consisting research, development, manufacture and sales departments. The main products are series of leveling machines for all boards and decoiling, leveling, cross cutting, longitudinal cutting, stacking and rolling production lines for thick, normal and thin boards. While devoting ourselves to researching and developing the production for decoiling and leveling equipments, we continue exploring new kinds of machines, We’ve developed corresponding advanced hydraulic press, shearing machine, bending machine, coiling machine etc. which can rich our product list and can better serve all the needs from our customers. Those products are widely used in fields of metallurgy,shipping,machinery,vehicles, containers,constructionmaterials,chemicalindustry,aviation,energy resources ,construction and so on.
    We will stick to the ancient Chinese proverb: To accumulate half a step to a leap a thousand miles, to pool all that is good to achieve great accomplishments. Since the establishment of our enterprise, we are constantly absorbing the advanced technologies and methods for processing both from home and abroad, and we are in the continuous pursuit of novelty of the technology and the preeminence of the functions. The quality of our corresponding products takes the lead in the same industry nationwide and internationally.
    ‘Permanence is ever-lasting and the magnificence is our credibility’, is what ‘HengDing’, our brand, means. In the globalized economy, our HengDing people will keep firmly in mind the ancient guideline of our country: Establishing our credibility and building our moral character. And we are clinging to the concept of ‘Forever keeping our promise and valuing our reputation as the most precious asset’. We are steadfastly creating to provide high-quality products and good-faith services. We believe that only when we are practicing our honesty can we be prosperous forever .We are keeping the same pace with time and constantly making innovations. Our HengDing people who are forever young are ready to be hand in hand with friends from walks of life concerning about us to grow together and to achieve common prosperity and glory!